Go for a walk around Garda, between olive trees and vineyards, the 1st “Giancarlo Turri” memorial


Giancarlo Turri was an outstanding entrepreneur in the field of extra virgin olive oil production, but also an excellent sportsman. Our family still treasures an article about him that appeared in a newspaper dating back to the Forties. In the words of the enthusiastic journalist, “[Giancarlo Turri] fought with all his might, he, the youngest of the young. He did all he could… ”

And it is to commemorate this tenacious spirit that Fiasp has decided to dedicate the race it organizes every year to our father, Giancarlo Turri.

All of us, Mario, Laura, Luisa and Giovanni, are very excited about this event, which will take place on Saturday, Sept. 20 2014. The race will start at 5.30 p.m. at our oil mill in Cavaion Veronese.

This is the first memorial of our father, who was the founder of the family business that we still run according to his principles, relentlessly pursuing top quality. His ideas and precepts were passed down from his father, and are coherent with our commitment to promote sports and healthy eating habits.


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