A gentle artist with an imaginative soul


We are always happy to publish any cartoons by Valerio Marini, but now we would also like to devote some space to him in our blog.

Valerio Marini is an excellent cartoonist or “humorous graphic designer”, as he prefers to call himself.

Both elegant and ironic, he combines the light and neat style of a graphic designer with a gifted, sharp-witted mind. Inspired by his love for oil and friendship for the community of persons working in this field, his work has often illustrated our most important landmarks, but also events such as Olio Officina Food Festival and the calendar published by Luigi Caricato. He mainly highlights the more feminine side of oil, its delicate nature and in a way, also its frailty. Our stories, events, but also techniques and recipes are thus often accompanied by his amusing cartoons, simple yet ingenious, which are always characterized by their gentle style and immediate impact.

More information on his life and work can be found at http://www.linkiesta.it/blogs/lo-humor-di-marini.

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