5 beauty secrets with extra virgin olive oil

The cosmetic properties of extra virgin olive oil have been known since ancient times, when it was used as a real beauty product, to moisturize, nourish and delay aging. 

We can find in its composition biophenols, natural substances capable of slowing down the processes of cellular oxidation of the skin, keeping it elastic, nourished and smooth.

Over the centuries, extra virgin olive oil has never stopped being used in the beauty sector, especially in the field of natural and organic cosmetics, which is experiencing a moment of widespread use.

How then can we incorporate green gold into our beauty routine? Here are five easy ways to use it that you can easily put into practice starting now

Nail and hair care

Perhaps the most well-known practice of extra virgin oil in cosmetics is as a softener and detangler for dry and weak hair. In fact, adding a few drops of the oil to shampoo in your usual washing routine, or applying it directly pure to the scalp and lengths and holding it in place for a few hours, will help to deeply moisturize and nourish your hair, which will appear shiny and healthy.
Likewise, it proves an excellent nourisher for nails, which are often put to the test by stress, chemicals and seasonal changes. In fact, combined with a few drops of lemon, it becomes a regenerating ointment, to be applied either on your nails once a week, to make them strong and healthy again.

Prevention and treatment of stretch marks

Extra virgin olive oil is perfect for preventing and treating stretch marks during pregnancy or weight changes, thanks to its elasticizing properties. Being a 100% natural product, it has no contraindications and, when applied with a gentle massage aimed at stimulating circulation, has an amazing effect on the appearance of the skin.

Hydration and anti-aging

The first major function of extra virgin olive oil is to moisturize. Among natural lipids, it is in fact the one that is most akin with the lipid layer of our skin, and the presence of vitamins A, E and D convey the absorption of substances useful in fighting aging and repairing skin weakened by temperature changes during exposure to sun or cold. So welcome using it to protect yourself from the sun’s rays and the bitter cold.


Pouring a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil on a cotton pad soaked in water and then wrung out, you get a natural makeup remover suitable for all skin types and very effective, which will remove make-up and impurities such as sebum and smog from the face. Emulsifying with water helps the oil penetrate deeper into the skin for a more intense action.

Healing and healing action

The anti-inflammatory properties of extra virgin olive oil also make it a valuable aid in the medical field, for abrasions and wounds. In fact, squalene, a hydrocarbon present in its composition, has a healing and reconstructive function.

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