How to use a non-refillable bottle cap

Tappo Antirabbocco

How to use a non-refillable bottle cap

How does our non-refillable bottle cap work and why is it so important?

You tilt the bottle and no oil pours out… Has that ever happened to you?

Olio Turri has made a short video tutorial showing you how to use its non-refillable cap and avoid the formation of air bubbles that block the outflow of the olive oil.

The most important thing is when you unscrew the bottle for the first time is to give it a good jerk downwards, so at to break any air bubbles trapped inside the cap and allow the oil to flow out. If on the other hand after unsealing the bottle you just tilt it, the air bubbles will remain inside the cap, and no oil will pour out.

This minor inconvenience is outweighed by the many advantages of the cap: it guarantees the quality of the oil and prevents the bottle from becoming greasy and slippery. Moreover, it allows us to pour out the exact amount of oil over our dishes.

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